The Fiber Arts Avengers project brings creative crafters together for a charitable cause.

This is Nat. This photo was taken during a family trip to Disney World. A few days later, Nat's family discovered that he had a brain tumor. He underwent brain surgery in an attempt to remove the tumor. The Fiber Arts Avengers held an event in November to raise some money for Natty's family, to offset the medical bills.

On December 1, 2006, shortly after our event finished, Natty lost his battle against brain cancer and slipped softly away.

Nat was three and a half years old. He'd been called the Professor since he was a newborn, and it suited him well. He was a wonderful, vibrant kid who particularly loved nursery rhymes and fairy tales. He loved to dance and sing and from infancy was always very sure of himself and what he likes in life. The Professor leaves behind a baby brother - who has now lived half of his life as an only child.

Nat's parents and friends will continue to work to make sure that Natty's brother knows all about him, and through our memories, the Professor continues to give us great joy every day. He is sorely missed, and he is greatly celebrated.

Nat's parents are still finding themselves paying for his medical expenses and funeral costs. In their tradition they will place a headstone at his grave to mark one year since his death. They will need to pay for this headstone very soon. Please join us as we show his family that we continue to keep them in our thoughts, and we continue to support them. Our community can help share the financial burden, though we cannot shoulder the burden of this great loss.

If you have something you'd like to contribute to such an effort, please check out the "How can I be an avenger?" page.

Are you a Fiber Arts Avenger?

With a variety of projects in our palette, we're reaching out to the online knitting and crafting communities to raise funds through fiber arts. How can you get involved? Well, what's your crafty superpower?

You could:

  • Buy one of these patterns. The designers have donated proceeds to Nat's family.
    • The Freelance Mama's Cool Kid's Hat
    • Dandelion Dreamers crochet lobster toy
    • The Wooly Wonders Boutique Scarf
    • The Professor's Hat by Curly Purly
  • Donate proceeds from one of your patterns!
  • Post our Banner or Button on your blog or website!
  • Donate advertising space.
  • Just give cash!
  • Buy some goodies!
  • Get on our steering committee and help us out!
  • Got more ideas? Get in touch with us!

    Please send Nat's family your best thoughts.

    Whenever you think of it, close your eyes and take a moment to feel your own inner force and send it to Nat's family. If you participate in formal religious celebrations, please ask the congregation to send their thoughts. Human energy is vital; it is living.

    Martha, Nat's mom, has been one of my dearest friends from the moment we met. Our kids were babies, only about 9 months old, and they've been great friends ever since. Nat is the kid my daughter Maya talks to as she falls asleep at night. He's the imaginary friend at her side while she plays on her own. He's always here with us, even though we live far apart.

    My husband was working with Maya, helping her send her love and energy to her friend. She expressed concern that if she sent her energy that she wouldn't have any more. I talked to Martha about this, because she's just about the smartest mom I know. And she suggested that I take two candles and name one Maya and one Nat. I lit Maya's candle and showed her how it was burning and strong and alive. I showed her how I could tip the Maya candle to the Natty candle, and doing so, light it. And I explained how Maya's light was still buring strong, but the strength it gave to Nat's candle allowed his to burn, too. This is an excellent exercise you can do with your children to show them that they have something real to share with each other, and that each person, however small, can give strength.

                                   ~ Marnie